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The apartment rentals Florence can be very low in Florence Vactions website. If you want to know the price of apartment rentals Florence you can find answers in our website. Enter in apartment rentals Florence section and consult all the prices. Apartment rentals Florence of different types and sizes and also other accommodations such as villas, farmhouses and bed and breakfasts. Consult our apartment rentals Florence. apartment rentals Florence OLIVE OIL HOW WE DO ORGANIC OLIVE OIL Fattoria Poggio di Fiesole owns an estate more than 20 hectares (50 acres) wide in the hills nearby Florence, in the heart of Tuscany. More than 3300 olive trees stretch on the almost 15 hectares (37 acres) uniquely dedicated to our olive growing production, carried on from over 30 years according to the principles of organic agriculture, much earlier than this became fashionable. Clean air, medium altitude, moderate sun exposure, and rich soil nature are the only ingredients which contribute to the creation of an extra-virgin olive oil with a unique character, of absolute authenticity, with the highest nutritional value. All these features are confirmed year after year from lab tests run on olive oil samples directly taken by an officer of ICEA, the authority which controls and certifies organic agriculture. The organic cultivation, not only respects the environmental balances by excluding any chemical component in the trees treatments, but also guarantees the costumer with a naturally rich quality. Our organic olive oil is in fact suitable to any kind of diet, person, and age. PICKING, SQUEEZING, BOTTLING, AND WAREHOUSING (STOCKPILING?) All our olive are picked by hand from the tree, as a fallen olive is a fruit well over ripeness, and then usually squeezed within the following 24 hours. Between the picking and the squeezing, if required, the olives are placed on screens in a ventilated room to prevent any damage from damp or humidity. The almost immediate squeezing guarantees the perfect health of the olives when they reach the mill, where they are cold-pressed, method preserve all nutritional facts of the original fruit. The oil is then directly packaged into glass bottles or steel cans, containers which save the oil characteristics for longest. Finally, oil is stocked in the Farm in a room at a constant temperature, the most appropriate way of storing oil. In such a way oil keeps for the longest time its nutritional facts; as time passes, its most characterizing yellow-green dense colour which you can see in the first weeks after the squeezing, slowly turns into a more composed amber mat yellow. THE SLOW FOOD REVIEW On the high hills on the Northern part of the municipality of Fiesole, at an altitude of over 400 metres, Fattoria Poggio di Fiesole owns 15 hectares of olive tree plantation. The extreme weather conditions for the growing of olive trees, if on one hand reduce productivity, on the other hand favour the organic management, certified since 1995. The picking of the fruits of the 3300 trees belonging to the traditional varieties of olives was run in the second half of November. The mill “Il Mandorlo” pressed the olives not more within 48 hours from the picking. The olive oil is not filtered and is sold directly in the farm in different packagings. EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL FROM ORGANIC AGRICOLTURE The oil is slightly veiled, its colour is an intense yellow with shades of green. The smell reveals an intense sweet fruitage with a note of ripe apple and pear. The smoothness of the body, highlighted by the fruity taste, is balanced by a continuing hint of bitterish taste which in the end tends to be astringent. WHERE WE ARE >From Florence: Follow directions to FIESOLE. When in FIESOLE, go ahead on the main road – Via dei Bosconi (SP54) – following directions to OLMO. Before OLMO, about 3 Kms away from FIESOLE, turn left, downhill, into Via Viuccia. Fattoria Poggio di Fiesole is the first country side house you meet. >From the Via Faentina: Follow directions to FIESOLE on the main road – Via de Bosconi (SP54). After about 5 Kms turn right, downhill, into Via Viuccia. Fattoria Poggio di Fiesole is the first country side house you meet. 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